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  1. As you probably know, the 2019 Fall event has added Houston to Kancolle. I personally like the look of the character, but she has torpedoes and no USN heavy cruiser had torpedoes. I’ve seen it claimed that it is because of game mechanics, without torpedoes you aren’t much use in night battles. I wonder if it could because the Japanese transports that were hit by torpedoes that missed Houston and Perth were actually credited to Houston and Perth rather than admit it was friendly fire.

    1. Plausible, but I think you might need to wait a few months before KC devs give concrete information on her. The other thing is that they may simply be going off of original designs, as earlier versions do include torpedo tubes.

  2. One big American advantage was manufacturing technology. The US designers could design planes as good as the Japanese designers, and vice versa, but the US could build far more of them, and with less input per each pound of aircraft. Hirokoshi, for example, was stuck solving production problems with the Zero before he could start working on its successor.

  3. 你好,我想问一下四骑酱的德军篇·《Ragnarökkr》 的坑什么时候填完?还有就是本人想买一本这样的漫画,但是我知道你们的刊物是限期限时发售的,现在淘宝已经没有卖了,我现在想入手一本收藏的话哪里有渠道可以购买到德军篇·《Ragnarökkr》的本体吗?最后本人想问一下四骑酱以后还会推出关于其他德军篇幅的漫画吗?(毕竟四骑酱画的人物、制服、载具都超赞,故事的旋律渲染也非常精彩,希望能看到其他关于德军类型的漫画=v=)

  4. When you get as far as San Jacinto, will one of her fairies be an expy of George H. W. Bush? That’s far enough in the future that it shouldn’t be seen as disrespectful.

  5. Soooooo… i remember SOMEWHERE that there are 12 Subgirls in Silent Service, currently there are 10, (Surcouf is not in the book, i don’t think) which means there are 2 left, Any hints on who, like puzzles!, i love puzzle! (Plz)
    Oh and Meow-inator is my cat’s name

  6. So, I read the Wikipedia page about Underway Replenishment (UnRep), and it said that the US Navy was the first to utilize it in WW2, so is that true? And if it is, then how did the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor, by stopping every so often to refuel their ship?

    1. Just saw this now. In short, partially correct. I believe it’s WW1 you’re thinking of and not WW2 though.

      In short, we had some of the best logistical capabilities, but all fleets had oil tankers and supply ships to refuel from. I’ll probably get around to talking about this in a future post.

      1. Ohhh, I’ll wait for that post…I’m always interested on the logistical sides of war, besides a fleet sail on it’s fuel tank… XD

  7. I thought I’d posted this, but apparently not:

    Are you doing anything for Iowa’s Turret Two explosion this year, or are you waiting for the 30th anniversary next year?

  8. Theory on why Gambier Bay looks busty.
    Some complain that the character design is too busty, since Casablanca CVEs were small with low engine power, light armament and few planes. I think the artist did a historic reference: at Samar Kurita’s lookouts mistook Taffy 3 for Fleet Carriers with Cruisers and Destroyers. To justify the look, Gambier Bay has the capabilities of Taiyou in half the displacement. When a short girl and a tall girl have the same B/W/H the short girl looks bustier.

    1. Sure, that sounds plausible.

      We’re still getting a really buggy interface with the board. So I only saw this message today (when it was apparently posted 8 days ago)

  9. It’s one month to April 19. Will you be doing something for Iowa’s Turret Two explosion, or are you saving for the 30th anniversary next year?

  10. How do people here feel about KanColle Intrepid? I’m afraid I find her boring. She looks like all the other girls the artist has drawn. Their version of Gambier Bay was better, at least she looks like an individual.

    1. *shrug* KanColle Intrepid’s design just doesn’t have have much interesting about it. The Springfield and flight deck are nice, I guess, but the outfit and face are pretty forgettable.

  11. So, what does everyone think about the design of KanColle’s Intrepid? My opinion, it isn’t an ugly or insulting design, but it is too generic. It’s like his other characters, just different clothes, and nothing to show the history or traditions of the original ship. Frankly, I preferred Gambier Bay, she at least looks like an individual and the perpetually nervous and panicked look reflects some of the history

  12. Hey! So I’ve noticed that a lot of questions on this board seemed to appear long after they have been posted (Despite checking the message board constantly, I only just saw @DaremoKamen’s comment about Iowa 12 days after he posted and @Morgane’s response 7 days after she posted). Is this the current issue with the reply plug in?

  13. I just heard on the radio, arrangements are being made to return the USS Iowa’s bell by the state of Iowa. I couldn’t find a current news story, but here is the facebook page of the group that has been working for this.

  14. Mind me, but I’m bothered by just one thing… Why are there only two turrets on Helena’s and Louis’s design, if I may ask?

    1. (We’ve accidentally bork’d the reply plugin I think, so I’ll be brief)

      Artistic reasons. Same reason why Ari didn’t have any gear whatsoever. Sometimes adding the extra turret makes their designs look unnecessarily cluttered, and you can see from the various supporting materials we have that shipgirl gear is modular in nature anyways.

  15. Hi, it’s me again. I was on vacation with my relatives in the Philippines back in August and I’m just wondering, what do the shipgirls think of the country as a whole? I do realize that many of them did fight to liberate the country, so sorry if I’m inducing some PTSD here.

    1. Shipgirls with historical namesakes that served in the Asiatic Fleet (Edsall, Houston, Augusta, and so on) are likely the ones with the clearest impression of the Philippines. Those memories vary. Some hate the weather. Others like the exotic locale. Some really enjoy traveling about. Others can’t wait to get home.

      You also have girls like Phoenix who probably feel more connected due to her connection with MacArthur. Trout might also have an opinion (spec-ops). In any case, it varies. 🙂

      1. Thank you very much for replying! I figured each shipgirl would have their respective views on the Philippines. I’m just imagining this from the top of my head, but I could see the following shipgirls having these perspectives:

        Cali likes the beaches and weather.
        Tennsy would like the food.
        Lulu, St. Louis, and Mahan have bad memories of kamikazes.
        The Iowa sisters remember Typhoon Cobra.

  16. I might be the first one to ask this, or then not, but, how are you going to do Independence’s history/introduction, as there were ‘some’ ships in the post-war nuclear tests. Would it affect her personality-wise or anything like that? I was just wondering.

    1. We’ll get to Independence when we get to independence. Seeing as how we treat the other Crossroads girls, it probably won’t affect her personality that much. The stories of these ships are much much more than just their demise!

  17. Hey @Skullface,
    I was just wondering (I will admit it is a personal question), since I have seen your Pacific Iowa fanfiction and Melissa’s DA, how you and MAET work together on putting together your fanfiction alongside your commissions.

    1. You’ll have to ask Warp and MAEt about it over at SpaceBattles or Sufficient Velocity. I’m just the local messenger – they’ve wandered far enough off the Pacific beaten track that they’re not paying too much attention to what’s happening over here.

    2. Addendum: Well, yeah, MAEt sometimes peeks in for researching l00d ideas (see his response to Lulu’s complaint about cruisers not getting any for one XD ), but as a whole you’d be better served asking at the KnNI threads directly.

  18. Anything planned to be written for the upcoming 75th anniversary of the Bloody Battle of Friday the Thirteenth? In “Neptune’s Inferno” James D. Hornfischer makes an interesting case for this being a turning point in the war because it broke Japanese naval confidence and effectively won the final struggle for Guadalcanal. It is also the battle where all 5 Sullivan brothers died.

    1. Possibly. Other than Silent Service Subcorners I do like to draw attention to key naval battles where appropriate. Let me see what we can scrounge up on the Japanese side, since I’ve always thought Abe made a big tactical error by not choosing to pursue his original objective.

      Of our own actions, I think we’ve got plenty of materials already. I think a candid assessment of Callaghan’s decision making would probably be good.

      1. Great! Reread “Neptune’s Inferno”, points I noted. Americans knew this was suicide, which can change tactics. Crossing the T against BB’s couldn’t work, barreling thru at less than a mile might because BB armor vulnerable at Point Blank Range. Abe had no memory after DD Laffey machine gunned him off his own bridge, which suggests concussion, which suggests poorer thinking. Japanese claimed to have switched to AP, but battle results suggest otherwise, so how many HE did Kirishima have left?

  19. Saw this somewhere, thought I’d ask: what is West Virginia’s opinion on John Denver’s Country Road?

  20. Hey, its me again. (Not sure you remember me) But I just wanted to stop by and say that your art is amazing, and I bought the english Vol 1. Also wanted to say that they/you influenced me and my group of friends. We run an RP server(We’re nerds, I know), and many of us, including myself, have drawn influence/used characters from your collection. Even the dinner picture with Zuikaku was used for our background. Just thought I’d swing by and tell you that. Keep it up, and can’t wait for Eng Vol 2

    1. Hey! You don’t mind sharing a link to the server? I’m actually kind of curious to see. I fully understand if you don’t want to show it.

      Regardless, glad to see people like Pacific!

  21. HI! I’m relatively new here so sorry in advance if my question has already been answered! Is there such a thing as shipgirls/abyssals that have gone rogue or switched sides, and if so would the pacific team ever cover them?

    1. Welcome! So I believe it has been explicitly mentioned how there are no such things as shipgirls going rogue/side switching. The girls are here purely for fighting for humanity’s sake. Same thing likely applies for Abyssals since they’re basically hyper-advanced space-faring locusts with monster fish. They’ve invaded other worlds and already know How to Invade Planets 101 by the time they reach us.

      1. The biggest issue is that I don’t think they even know what Linkin Park is. xD

  22. hello. regarding your post on the 19th 2017. you mentioned that the american pilots who flew at midway were greenhorns. while this is a general assumption i can assure you that with some digging this is the complete opposite case.

    1: wildcats are in extreme short supply. and escorts were called off in an effort to increase the power of the bombing runs

    2: thach’s wildcat flight engaged the zero swarm at a position of energy deficiency. aka, below.

    3: 21 F2As were used on midway

    1. it might be noted that of course. all 21 buffalos were smashed (well what did you expect they are like biplanes but worse), thach’s 6 cat flight slaughtered the zeroes with most members never getting the ‘thach weave’ briefing, and all ijn carriers went up in flames. if anything, i would say that the american crew at midway was just about equally skilled as their japanese counterpart. the japanese pilots however, probably didn’t expect wildcats to actually outmatch their zeroes.

  23. Just a quick question on the picture with Iowa and the POW-MIA dinner, who are the other 4 girls/ships? A friend and I figured that the 3 at the table with her are the destroyers Hull, Monaghan, and Spence who all sank in a typhoon that Iowa was in, but the one at the other table is throwing us off. Any possible insight?

    1. I believe it was revealed that it’s actually Des Moines who’s at the table with Iowa, the two silver-haired girls are the Pensacolas (forgot how to distinguish them), and the redhead is Astoria?

  24. What does this mean “…Actually. Maybe I should just point out that at least she’s not stuck in lore-limbo like the Royal Navy girls are…hmph…”

    1. RN girls tend to appear behind the scenes or in the background. We’ve got a roster of them but for some reason they don’t make it onto the illustration schedule.

  25. also, while im here, you should have a page that shows list of every shipgirls n’ their art (if they have one) on the main site

    1. We have one being built for Silent Service. Find it under the “Pacific” tab. As for the other girls, the books are online for everyone to view. I guess the wiki we tried to make back then would have been something like this, but alas, we just don’t have the time.

  26. What are those three things like a Roman legionary’s split skirt thing on each of Maryland and West Virginia’s hips?

  27. I don’t get gravatar. I switched to this Tautog avatar and yet sometimes it still displays my old Girls Und Panzer one.

    1. If it’s heat from explosions or gun smoke, their shields take the brunt of it, so they probably wouldn’t be too bothered.

      If you’re talking about high temperatures in general, well, the shipgirls enjoy a nice cold ice cream on a hot summer day just like the rest of us.

      1. Thank you so much for replying! Yeah, I should’ve pointed out that I was asking about how the girls deal with hot temperatures, but you’ve answered my question well. I just couldn’t help but think about this because I read about Peleliu a while back (in which Pennsy, Tennsy, LuLu, and Mary participated in) and the excruciating heat everyone had to deal with.

  28. What’s the public opinion on shipgirls like in America, if there is any? What about among STEC personnel?

    1. Since shipgirls aren’t public knowledge, public opinion isn’t really relevant.

      As for STEC personnel… I think it’d depend on shipgirl. Not entirely sure how much someone would like working under Pennsy, for instance. x)

  29. I know the timing is a bit tight, but are there any plans to make special art to commemorate Iowa’s turret two explosion on April 19?

  30. Honest question: are there any plans to do any more “blueprint” ships, i.e. ships that have been designed but never been built? The recent addition of the French cruiser line in World of Warships has piqued my interest in seeing shipgirls based upon them. And while I do know that the Saint-Louis at Tier 9 was never fully designed and that Henri IV at Tier 10 was never designed, I do wonder if we are going to see them or other blueprint ships. Or, failing that, ships from other nations?

      1. …Okay, this is actually kinda weird. I logged in but it didn’t say that I logged in. But yes.

  31. and now when i am allowed to ask all i want, i can’t think of A SINGLE THING to ask…
    wait, here’s a thing to answer: How can Helena and St. Louis’ Dress holding if it’s windy and, well, they’re not like, wearing anything underneath or anything right?

  32. Once shipgirls sortie out for a mission, how long are they able to stay out? Can they stay out for days (or longer) at a time, or do they get tired, hungry, etc. at the same rate as a normal human?

  33. Re: latest mail call as of this date – “Breeding true” means that a shipgirl-human mating will always produce a ship-person child, as opposed to having a chance to birth a homo sapiens or a hybrid. I think the implications if such matings only produce shipgirls are that normal humanity would be superseded and replaced slowly but surely.

    1. Shipgirls are biologically human.

      That means that they reproduce normally like any normal human. And the offspring would only inherit human traits.

      tl;dr night battles end in screaming tiny human crew exiting from shipgirls

  34. If you could get any (voice) actress to do voice work for Pacific, who would you all get to play who?

  35. Was there a particular reason why Maryland was given a lance? Seems like an odd choice for a battleship that only goes 21 knots.

    1. Maryland’s state sport is jousting, which Morgane mentioned in Mary’s profile if my Google translate-fu isn’t failing me.

  36. Shippers gonna ship, but canonically, what’s STEC and the shipgirls’ opinion on matters of love, copulation and marriage?

    1. As far as I remember, it was said that some of the shipgirls (The Iowas in particular) wanted to settle down post-war. As for the other things, I don’t know if the team could comment on that.
      Correct me if I’m wrong but you are MaxandEmilytate on tumblr and danbooru correct?

      1. Haha, nah. He’s a friend though, introduced me to this. If that shamelessly bold dork wanted something done he’d do it himself and make everyone know it was him.

      1. Oh wow, that was fast. XD But in all seriousness, I was asking from a reproduction point of view. Can they breed with muggles? I think while lurking on SpaceBattles I saw some ideas discussing the transhuman/posthuman implications of shipgirls breeding true. Cause since ~40 years have passed since the first shipgirls appeared, that’s enough time for a second generation of shipgirls or shipgirl-human hybrids to reach maturity.

      2. Biologically human.
        With standard muggle genetics.
        Dunno if sparkly shipgirl fairy magic is part of maternal mitochondria.
        No Shipgirl eugenics here.


  37. Is the English release of volume 2 out yet? I don’t see it in the downloads section, and while I am passable in Chinese I’d much rather read in English.

    1. As far as I know, they don’t have an English version of AR2. I’m not sure whether or not it was mentioned that it would be translated.

      1. Not AR2, Pacific volume 2, the main book line. I only see the Chinese release there.

      2. Derp, shows my attention span. Same thing as AR2 translation. We’ll have to wait

      3. yes, it’s in chinese(?) so i can’t read it, but it’s downloadable. go to the secondary forum, click on “Forum Affairs” then head to “An Introduction to Pacific” and look around there. there should be some download links for dropboxes, etc under the gargantuan Saratoga picture. Hope that helps 🙂

      4. edit: he is probably looking for the English version, in that case, it’s not out yet, my bad.

  38. Accounting for timezone change, USS Houston (CA-30)’s 75th anniversary of her sinking was twenty minutes ago.

  39. Since the abyssal thing is being kept hush-hush, I’m guessing shipgirls don’t appear at USO events?

  40. Was there anything very special that went into the design of Edsall? In specific, her dress is interesting. The sword has her division’s motto on it, which was a nice touch.

  41. Can’t wait to see the book of 2016. When will it be released in Mainland China? Also, I’m wondering whether it will be a “Horus Heresy” series after the Emperor ascend. Look at the protests or even riots in US, or much worse, around the world. It just look like M30, when “Galaxy is in flame”.

    1. Soon. We’ve just resolved some interesting layout challenges (2016 has some excellent but very long (vertical) pictures, which makes it an unconventional thing to get into book form).

  42. Or, for that matter, girls with half updos and big hair ribbons, like Missouri, Wisconsin, Phoenix and WeeVee?

    1. See mail call from a few days ago. Sorry it’s taken me roughly a week –

      Actually, that’s about on par with my inbox response times these days. 🙂

  43. Is there any particular historical reason for certain of the girls having moles, or just Jeanex’s whims?

      1. I think only Iowa, Oklahoma and the new Yorktown for now, unless there are others I’ve forgotten about?

  44. can shipgirls (theoretically) bombard ground target while standing on ground?
    (like what arty do)

  45. When is “present day” for Pacific canon? ’cause if their present day is the same as ours, and the Abyssal War started in the 1950s, that would mean it’s been ongoing for almost 70 years?

    1. Present day is the early 90s, which is when all the Pacific books canonically “take place.”

      The Abyssals have made planetfall as early as the 50s, but they and STEC are fighting a shadow/pseudo war in the sense that the Abyssals have not invaded in force. This is addressed in the prologue and the epilogue of the English release of volume 1.

      Thus, it’s simpler to say that both sides are preparing for a conflict that is coming. It sets the tone for the AR books and OCEAN.

  46. I’m very interested in reading OCEAN. Will it be translated? Will there be an online posting like it was done with PACIFIC volumes 1 & 2? Is a PACIFIC vol 3, coming? 😉

    1. While I am not a part of the team working on the project, I can tell you from discussions with some people that are that PACIFIC Vol. 3 will be coming out eventually. Not much info on an OCEAN though.

  47. 所以能问一下Action Report 2卷(或Remake版)关于世界设定中的罗斯福-丘吉尔谈话的英语原文是怎么样的吗?谢谢

  48. It’s rude to ask a girl’s weight so how heavy would you think a shipgirl like iowa be?
    my guess is abot 1.5-2 tons

  49. oh, and ThatGuyYouLike is the same as ThatGuyYouHate (you probably haven’t heard of him huh?)

  50. since it’s rude to ask a girl her weight, how heavy would you expect a battleship girlwith her rigging to be?
    my guess’s about 1.5-2 tons

    1. Huh so I’m guessing [Member] tag now indicates staff. That’s good.

      So judging by some of Marblehead’s early dialogue, would it be fair to equate her to KC Kongo with 100% less teabooness, memes, and clearly neurotic impulses?

      Wait so basically not Kongo….

  51. I know the official line is that Pacific wants to focus more on the girl rather than the ship, but are there any plans for a clear back view of the Iowas’ rigging?

  52. >Has discord channel full of weaboos posting KC lewds
    >Weebs post KC Iowa and Saratoga lewds
    >Weebs post Pacific Iowa lewds
    >Purge the unclean
    >Now I have become facist moderator

    Wait this message board was to test out questions for the team?


      1. Weeb is short of weeaboo.

        Urban Dictionary definition: Someone who is obsessed with Japan/Japanese Culture/Anime, etc. and attempts to act as if they were Japanese, even though they’re far from it. They use Japanese words but usually end up mispronouncing them and sounding like total a-holes. You can find a lot of them clogging up the forums of Gaia Online, hanging out in the international aisle of the supermarket, or crowding the manga section of your local bookstore. (slight edits to be PG)

    1. I take full responsibility for starting the whole “Let’s lewd Pacific Iowa” lewd fad.

      I’m not sorry though. She’s hot.

      Also I’m not signed in right now. Try logging out of the forums?


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