Lens of History (29)

STEC Archives, Digital Document Division
Curator signature: Jer
Format: Textual Record
Special Documents Division
Archival Scan of “the General,” 1st edition
Author: Unknown
Publisher: The John Birch Society
Dated 1958

Curator’s comments: 

In 1958, the John Birch Society, a popular anti-communist and self-described patriot group, sends a 565 page pamphlet titled ‘the General’ to its 800,000 members scattered around the United States. Within days, the anti-Eisenhower publication propels itself into the forefront of national discourse and ignites what would ultimately culminate in the Freedom from Wars affair.

STEC has chosen to archive and digitize the entirety of the pamphlet as it was presented in order to inform and educate the American people. Our position is that the Eisenhower administration is instrumental to STEC’s early efforts and played an unparalleled role in the efforts to preserve humanity from the Abyssal invasion. The precedent it set and the actions it may have taken may not necessarily be sensible to people at the time, but history has a tendency to vindicate when the full truth is made known. 

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