Silent Service: Pam

So! What do you think?

You know, now that I’m finally here, I think this is actually pretty fun. The first Silent Service post was made close to a year and a half ago, but the actual amount of time spent illustrating varies quite a bit. Five months for a job here, Morgane getting sick for a couple of months there, and if you really think about how much time gets spent, then I think it’s pretty good. When are we getting it printed anyways? Soon, right? I mean, now that 2016 is done-done (I think) and the other stuff we’re handling for our friends are done, we’re –

Pam! Stick to the script.

Hey! I’m just excited, alright? I’ve been alluded to so many times, like, a third of the subgirl profiles mention or alludes to me to some degree. Not like I get hyped or anything – if anything, I’m a little worried that I won’t live up to expectations!

Well, if our residential social recluse can make a positive first impression, I’m sure you could too!

Expectations, Tautog dear. Nobody expects Bats or Sal to be out and about. Me, on the other hand? “Smile!” Gotta be photogenic and all, you know!

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Quick Note – June 6th

Okay, since Morgane is still recovering, we figure rather than Tautog making the post, I’ll do it instead. It’s thematically appropri ate in a way, right? I’m the medic, heh.

Site migration (on the backend) is going fairly smoothly, though there’s some stuff we haven’t accounted for (like data storage). You won’t really notice it if you’ve never had site issues, but if you have experienced slowdowns before, those should be gone too in the not too distant future.

Other than that, things are still going on as they are. Nothing’s cancelled. Nobody’s died or anything. It’s just Morgane has traditionally been extraordinarily proactive at keeping everyone more or less entertained. People who seriously enjoy a particular subject (or hobby) tends to do that.

Well, I told her rather simply that she need to rest up and recover, but as you can see, she’s not really the best of patients. I had to do quite a bit of persuasive work to get her to approve this short and truncated message.

Getting good rest is integral to your personal health, so please think of yourself whenever you stay up past your bedtime. 🙂

Quick announcement regarding website upgrades

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed that we haven’t put anything up on the site for close to a week. We’re actually upgrading our hardware again and migrating our servers to another location. This means that many of the plugins that Zero uses for the site no longer need to be customized, and hopefully it’ll load faster for everyone as well.

Given that we’re in the process of migrating our stuff over, Zero suggests that we don’t post any updates (just in case we lose chunks of data randomly) for the next few days.

That, and I’m still sick. If schedule goes well I should be be recovered in a month or two. As such, expect the pacing of updates to be much slower than before.

That’s all. Hope to see you all soon!