Slice of Life (1): The Bright Futures Aviation Challenge

STEC Archives, Digitization Division
Curator signature: Tautog
Format: Transcript, Video Segment
Object: Marblehead Media No. ##########
Location (if known): STEC Archives
Time (if known): Undated

“Where History Comes Alive”

The brainchild program of the STEC Archivists & designed to be family-friendly and informative; an educational newscast where contemporary events are linked directly to the “topic of the day.”

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Lens of History (46): “Artificial” Intelligence

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Cusk
Format: Speech Transcript & Exhibit Materials
Object: Archival Interviews, Logistics Division (MERLIN)
Location (if known): STEC Archives
Time (if known): Undated – tentatively categorized into pre-war.

In a world with transdimensional giant sea monsters bristling with horrific weaponry and beautiful upstanding super-powered young women, is something like me really so difficult to grasp conceptually?

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New Year 2021

Hey everyone. Morgane here. I figure with the start of 2021 I’d share a bit about what we’ve been up to behind the scenes. 

For those of you think that I run hon-haka, ha! No. I’m just its #1 fangirl. The real head of the circle is Zero, and you can see the guy below – still running doujinshis to conventions, carona-chan or not.

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