Sub Corner 32: Evolution of U.S. Navy Cuisine – French Fries & American Fries

Teehee! I’m still around. Hi everyone, it’s Tautog again. I’ve been keeping myself busy reading lots of old books. You know, I’m pretty glad things are beginning to get back to normal again. Books are getting made. Shipgirls are getting drawn. That kind of stuff.

Today’s sub corner is a bit of a misnomer. While it did originate as a sub corner, it’s less submarine specific and more specific to the entirety of the US navy as a whole.

What’s it on?

Food, of course!

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It’s July Fourth!


Yeah. Whaddaya looking at? Never seen Lulu wear an apron before? I cook. Pretty good at it too.

If y’all – sorry, you are all, you –

If y’all –

If. You All. Are. Looking for some kind of extra-patriotic display and stuff, you’re not gonna find it here. We put up patriotic stuff like, 365 days a week. Er. Year. Um.

Lulu do you want me to do this one instead? I know you did say you wanted this piece, but you’re pretty busy today…

No no I got this. I definitely got this.

… Okay.

Uh. For those of you who haven’t been on this site, this day’s a day where we celebrate being ‘Merican. Thing is, those of us on this particular side of things? Every day is a day where we celebrate being American.

So, you know, I don’t have many words to say. Is it a special occasion? Golly, yeah. ‘Course. Right now I’m cooking on short notice for like, what, four hundred extra people, so I really don’t have many more words to say.

With freedom comes responsibility. Nobody’s gonna make ya not eat that 8th helping of pulled pork, but if your belly decides to declare independence from the rest of your body that’s on you.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


这个菜谱自称是企业号老兵的孩子寄给我的。本来我对这东西将信将疑。毕竟在网上自称什么的都有(笑)。但我查了下相关书籍,至少Walter Lord当年写的《中途岛海战(Incredible Victory: The Battle of Midway)》中确实提到过这件事,而且用词非常准确:是姜饼干(书中是Ginger Cookie,与Ginger Snap区别不大)而不是美国常见的姜面包(Ginger bread),所以我初步确定,这个菜谱应该是真的。

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