Lens of History (50): Civil Liberties During Alien Invasion

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Tautog
Format: [Item classification declassification pending]
Object: [Classified – item declassification pending]
Location (if known): STEC Archives
Time (if known): [Classified – item declassification pending]

Editor’s note: One “hallowed” tradition, odd as it may be, is STEC’s internal efforts to document, describe, and ultimately record the decisions made at the time. The intent, as always, is to allow future generations to better understand the circumstances under which these decisions were originally made. 

While the item here remains classified in its entirety, portions of it has been unredacted for your viewings and consideration. It is our hope that the reader walks away with a better understanding of the types of decision-making that came with the Abyssal War.

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Lens of History (49): The Burden of Genius

Editor’s Note: Due to the highly classified nature of the [redacted], an integral component of STEC’s anti-Abyssal efforts, all relevant personal information has been redacted from this release.

STEC’s Lens of History series has always had the intent to communicate to readers in the future – near or distant – the challenges, efforts, and experiences that we collectively shared in the hopes that it informs and inspires the next generation.

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