Lens of History (57): Etiquette & Blending In

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Jer
Format:  Print Media – DECLASSIFIED under [REDACTED], [REDACTED]
Special Documents Division – [REDACTED]
Object: Attire Guidance, version 8
Time (if known): Undated

Curator’s Note: This document has historically been included as a part of the new shipgirl orientation package, and is updated once every so often to keep pace with cultural and etiquette developments. 

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Lens of History (56): Field Assessment

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Tautog
Format: Special – Transcribed Record, Class [classified]
Object: Academy recording, year [classified], class [classified], no. [classified]
Location (if known): STEC Archives
Time (if known): [Classified – item declassification pending]

Editor’s Note: Sometimes I wonder why we still mask the record to the general public when anyone with half a brain can probably figure out the who, what, when, and where…

Good job, tadpoles! Ya did good. Good enough that this is your debriefing instruction rather than the usual, and I’m gonna make it quick since I’ve got better things to do than to yammer at a bunch of newbies.

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