Hi everyone!

So, we have a bit of a confession. As you can see, we’re a bit understocked here.

We thought initially that we didn’t get a spot at AnimeBoston, but, due to a last-minute miraculous intervention on the part of the Powers That Be, as you can see, we’ve got a spot here. It’s a pleasant surprise, since we were just wanting to see our friends from last time.

Unfortunately, that means if you’re interested in any of our books, we’re out of stock (at least for this convention). You can still get a copy shipped to you from our site (More Sale; look for the various buttons or the expedition site) if you really like our stuff, though, and we’d appreciate that a lot.

Of course, we’re still happy to see you. Feel free to drop by and chat with us at H73!

CD20 Adventures: US Navy Foods

I’ll have more pictures from Zero soon enough. This, though, is adorable.

Yeah. That’s Baicai’s art. He said he’s gotten rusty since he hasn’t drawn anything in a long while. I think it’s still adorable.

(The sign says “Doujinshi is 30 RMB. Ice cream is free. Zero reserves all rights for actual explanations.”)

(Yes. We’re giving out ice cream for the Navy Foods book. It’s uh, just like the loot we typically give out at conventions. And yes, Zero tried the actual recipe I gave him for hand-made ice cream. His feedback to me was apparently “not enough details” and “my arms are stiff.” xD)