(2016) We, acting by command of and on behalf of the GOP…

After pondering deeply the general trends of the country and the actual conditions obtaining in Our Party today, We have decided to effect a settlement of the present situation by resorting to an extraordinary measure.



We, acting by command of and in behalf of the Grand Old Party, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of the United States, hereby accept the provisions set forth in the declaration issued by the


(FYI, dear readers. I’m American. Like, been here for like generations. xD)

This, sent in by one of our readers, sums up how hilarious our political climate has become.


For our Chinese readers, Nate Silver is the writer of FiveThirtyEight, a popular political commentary site. Stuff like this is probably why a small but growing segment of people have problems believing that media’s fair and impartial. The echo chamber exists in both the left and the right, of course, and believe me, I’ve lurked about in plenty of places trying to get a sense for how people are thinking about the issues.

稍微给我们的中文读者朋友们解释下。这位Nate Silver是一个叫做538网站的站长,是一个美国比较火的政治评论网站。然而,你可以看到这里面的逗逼就是现在老多美国人不相信媒体的直接原因。当然,无论是左还是右都喜欢宅在自己的真爱圈圈里面,这点是真的。我潜水多年,这点还是能看出来的。

There’s a very simple trend I’m noticing. There’s a huge disconnect between what the media’s putting out there, and what the people are finding out on their own. I don’t know how significant this actually is, but from what I can see online and offline, people are asking questions. Increasingly I’ve noticed comment sections being shut down or much more aggressive policing of speech everywhere, and to me, this only means one thing.


People are onto something, and whoever they (the ones deleting comments) are, they don’t want stuff to be talked about. Don’t get me wrong. The comment sections are oftentimes some of the nastiest parts of the internet. Plenty of views you encounter there are going to be disagreeable. More often than not people are wrong about many, many things.


But no amount of wrong can cover up the fact that beneath the vitriol and the anger, there are ideas being expressed. I don’t think anyone arguing in those places are really going to be persuading one another, but you know what they’re doing? They might be able to convince other folks. Casual readers. Folks like you, or maybe me, who’s approaching an issue as it is. An issue.


See what I’m getting at? What I’m saying is that if you believe in the inherent “rightness” of your viewpoints, there’s no reason whatsoever that you should be against discussion. Let the unwashed heathen masses break against your oh-so-logically-obvious viewpoints. Let them challenge – and fail, if you are so right. Prove it to the rest of us plebians. If your viewpoint is so right, it should easily stand up to scrutiny. Why hide?


Don’t give me that bullshit about people can’t understand or people don’t know any better. I’m training as a medical doctor. At a school of our caliber, we are taught that if we cannot explain our medicine to a five year old or a ninety-five year old, we’re doing something wrong and needs to do better. Several of my close friends are PhD. candidates training in the natural sciences, and it’s the same thing for them. Explain science to the public, and if you can’t do it accurately and concisely, you’re failing as a scientist.


Why shouldn’t we apply these principles to contemporary issues? What exactly is so bad/good about wanting to limit immigration, or increase minimum wage, or healthcare or any number of issues? Why are we so quick to dismiss any viewpoints that we disagree with?


If we believe something to be right, but we can’t explain it well, then we’re ignorant and stupid. We should get better.


If we believe something to be right, but can’t be damned to take the time to explain it well to other people, then we’re not only ignorant, but we’re also arrogant and disrespectful. That’s actually worse.


Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed is that our media are increasingly doing just those two things. It’s one thing to do those, but when you add active censorship like Facebook filtering out conservative sites to the mix, it’s downright Orwellian. It’s why I find the dynamics of this election to be so fascinating. This is maybe the first time where we’ve seen the people push back and have something to show for our efforts. This is absolutely, positively exciting, and we’re definitely going to follow it all the way to the end.


For me? This journey’s been personal. You’ll see why with the New Jersey/California update. Hope to see you then.


Right. The results.

(All are again, from the New York Times.)

It’s worth mentioning that WV went overwhelmingly for Hillary in 08. While the Republican Campaign is slowly wrapping up, I think the Democratic one is just going to be heating up.


Now, for what’s present in this piece…


Believe it or not, we’ve been working on this as soon as Indiana’s results came in. The only thing new we added are the uh, things on the windowsill. One’s the state fruit of West Virginia. The other? Well, it’s this brand of milk right here. Someone may or not be buried under there. I’m not saying anything.



然后,那啥… 基本上被吊打了…)

A special comment from our artist, since Sima went to art school in France and is classically trained: Weavy has to keep windows open for this kinda thing. The smell of oil paints are horrid, and while it’s nothing like the extremely dangerous conditions that miners have to go through, it really isn’t easy. Oil painting really aren’t for light-weights.


Oh, the reference image? It’s this.


We thought it was quite apt, given the political circumstances. It’s a little hard to make out what the other fairy’s holding in his hands, so all I’m going to say is one hint: google 7000-51.



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(2016) A Feast Of Crabs (欢乐的螃蟹宴)

In this little world, the spirit of cooperation is alive and well.


For the fairies, it’s just another cook-off. No politics. We’re all friends here.


Are you ready for a whole lot of crab?


Unfortunately, our little world where these little ones and their friends exist in isn’t the real world. And here? Here, the battle for the presidency rage ever-on.

可惜的是, 我们美舰本的世界,不是现实生活中世界。在我们的世界里,初选的战火仍然焚烧着。

The election is coming.


It’s pretty clear that from the GOP perspective, Trump has capitalized on his great victory in New York. His victory was a clean sweep for the five mid-Atlantic states, and it is now that the never-Trump folks that has been dealt a clear blow. They seem to be throwing everything they have against the guy, and nothing, I repeat, nothing seems to be working so far.

(Note: Both this image and the Democratic one below comes from the New York Times)


Cruz and Kasich announced an alliance initially, but that … might have fallen apart really quickly. A casual glance at our usual fans (mostly native East Asian folks) have raised the gossip of the Trump campaign resembling that of Oda Nobunaga, a legendary Japanese daimyo (warlord) who managed to break many such alliances arranged against him.


Right now, on the eve of Indiana, Trump has secured the endorsement of legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight. The polls look good, and is looking better day by day. Arrayed against him is a Cruz buoyed by Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. It’s about the most lukewarm endorsement that I’ve ever seen, since he’s actually sorta-kinda endorsing both.

下周印第安纳初选。克鲁斯已经得到了州长麦克 盆斯的支持。特朗普呢?拿到了传说中神迹篮球队教练鲍比 奈特的支持。目前民意调查中也是一线上升中。另外吐槽下,州长支持克鲁斯,是我有生以来见过最无力的政治支持。他要不加一嘴我要投克鲁斯的话我真的在怀疑这货到底站谁队的。

I again find it highly ironic that Cruz is now the establishment candidate. Strange times makes for very strange bedfellows.


Kasich has been more or less relegated to the sidelines in our pieces at this point. Even Ohioans want him to drop out, and Trump’s nickname for him, 1-in-38, while mean, is nonetheless completely accurate.


Unfortunately we’ll not have time to illustrate Indiana’s primary. Not if we want to make California/New Jersey and try to get it out on time. But be assured that I’ll be watching.


Now, the democratic side:


A number of Bernie supporters have messaged me telling me that I have been fooled by the MSM narrative and isn’t fair to Bernie at all. I uh, am not entirely sure how to answer that.


What I will say, based on my research, is that the vast majority of news sources have stated unequivocally that Bernie’s shot at being the presidential nominee died at NY, and was buried at the Pennsylvania-Maryland-Delaware-Connecticut-Rhode Island run last week. He won one, but it wasn’t enough to cut into Hillary’s lead.


Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t potentially shady stuff going on. Hillary’s Correct the Record internet brigade exists and is out in full-force, and I’m just glad that we aren’t significant enough to warrant her eye yet. There’s definitely some very shady allegations around New York. Some sources mention that hundreds of thousands of voters were locked out or have experienced troubles with the primary process. In other cases, we seem to have some very statistically questionable situations where I believe that Bernie supporters have genuinely been cheated or have reason to believe that there might not be fair play at certain polling situations.

我可不是说希拉里赢这个是理所当然的。网络水军Correct the Record不说,我只是很开心我们没大到需要她来给我们惹麻烦的成都。然而,纽约确实有点不对劲。有些资料说有几十万选民以及选票遗失或者出问题。其他地方我也看到了很多各种报道说可能会有不公平。

I have seen nothing but condescension, derision, and casual dismissal from the other camp. Seriously. Voter fraud and voter suppression is a big deal. Maybe it deserves a second look, or at least a serious effort to address what might be problematic?


What’s far more interesting to me is how the primary atmosphere has changed. The Sanders subreddit where I used to go for a lot of pro-Bernie sources seem to be dying. I used to see posts with thousands and thousands of upvotes, but now the responses are a lot more muted. I’m glad he’s not dropping out just yet, because he’s awfully fun to draw and provides a nice contrast, but I can tell that something’s disappeared from that site.

并且更重要的是,你知道,初选的环境完全变了。老爷子的Reddit我以前一般都是去那里找信息,然而我感觉那地方死气沉沉,远远没有一个月前那样活跃。我很高兴他不准备退场 – 画他很好玩哦。然而,你知道吗?我知道那个网站丢了东西,可能再也找不回来了。

For Madam Secretary, I literally just need to go to any major news network and head to the politics section. It’s incredibly easy to find pieces – more or less toeing the party line – on her, and so I feel like I have a pretty easy way to figure out how we want to depict her in our pieces.


For Trump? Again, it’s so easy for me to find pieces that attack the guy, all I have to do is go on my feed or again, go to any politics section and you will find a yuuuuge amount of pieces decrying that Trump is this and that and this and that.


But what I have noticed is a surging trend, mostly on social media, that’s beginning to show signs of change. As usual, go to the news and you’ll find how TERRIBLE and IGNORANT and STUPID and you get the idea it is on anything Trump brings up. But as an American, I think I’ve got the right to judge for myself about how good or bad a candidate is, no?


For all the controversies the man brings, there are some very concrete issues pertaining to our country that he’s dragged out screaming and kicking into the light for everyone to see. I’ll be honest, as a medical student, I can tell you that we much prefer the operation – no matter how hard it is – than to the post-mortem analysis to the family. I think the same applies to America. Look at his foreign policy statement, for instance. Tell me if that’s not stuff we need to seriously think about, because I know I’m not.


Plus, my family’s always told me. If you know someone’s gonna lose, why are you telling them?


Right, a few bits on the picture. I’m gonna say that we thought a lot about things, and yes, a crab bake/party is what we ended up using to represent the mid-Atlantic primaries. The crabs are rather symbolic, yes, but as always, I’m going to let you read into it and decide how you’d like to interpret our art instead.


There is one new historical figure (fairy, rather) displayed rather prominently. The hint I’m gonna give you is the cape. It’s a well-known nickname of a rather interesting individual, and I’m going to leave it there.


This is mostly for our non-American readers, since I really, really doubt anyone wouldn’t know the two particular types of spices are. We brought Louisiana in because we didn’t have time to draw her primary (though a careful look and you’ll find her buried in Super Tuesday’s art), but also because of a recent development in the endorsement game. Yeah. I should note that it take upwards of hundreds of hours for each of these pictures, and let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised and shocked by the development.


You’ve already met Pennsy in an earlier piece. Here, we’ve got both Mary (Maryland) and Weavy (West Virginia). I’ve received a lot of questions about what exactly our shipgirls are. The answer to that question is that they aren’t mechanical anthropomorphism of warships. Not quite. I would describe them as empowered young women (empowered in the literal sense, since these girls have to fight giant sea monsters often at melee range) whose pasts and experiences are intricately linked to the heroic traditions of many USN warships. However, just as our girls are not steel and iron, their character traits are often connected directly to a lot of other things, from their home states to adopted homes (in-story or historical) to historical events.


Cal (the blonde with sunglasses and a bikini top), for instance, is preppy, energetic, and a bit of a valley girl. She’s designed in such a way so that when someone looks at her, they can go, oh, yeah, I can totally see her as someone from California. Of course, it becomes a matter of semantics among our more esoteric fans about just what a “shipgirl” means or what it means. In sum, it’s perfectly okay to me if see them as anthropomorphisms of states or warships. I think any creative work should naturally allow the reader to make any interpretations as they’d like. To me, however, they’ll always be just as they are. Our girls.

卡尔,举个例子,是个很高能量很元气的Valley girl(注,这个是加州的梗,基本是美国文化一部分,类似于你们理解东北人或者广东人或者上海人这样的一个地区性的概念)。然而我设计她们的时候,我的目的其实只是希望当读者看到她的时候,认识她后,会点头说,哦,对啊对啊,她确实像一个从加州出来的妹子。当然你可以辩论舰娘是什么,是舰更多还是娘更多,但我认为你怎么看我们作品是你的观点。你想把她们当作州或者舰船没问题,毕竟每一个作品都有自己的独特观赏角度嘛。但,从我的角度来讲呢?她们永远会是我们的舰娘,我们的妹子。

In other cases, of course, such as Tasha and O’bannon, we just like those two characters and put them in. They’ve got nothing to do with the primary whatsoever. Actually, if you look at it in the context of the picture, they’re just (along with Cal, who loves free food) here to share a few crabs.


Hey, we gotta have our fun too. It can’t be all serious. 🙂

See you soon. 🙂

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(2016) NEW YORK! I’M COMING HOME! (纽约!我回家啦!)

Let’s do this update the New Yorker way and let me get to the point. For this primary update…


(You can click on most of the pictures to get our inspiration and/or source for the material)


(Note: the WSJ journal link can be paywalled, so I have linked another source instead. 🙂



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(2016) Cheese, please! (奶酪之州威斯康星)

What an interesting situation this has turned out.


First of all, RIP Tay. You will be missed.


Bernie is sweeping the states. From Hawaii to Alaska to Washington, he’s beaten Hillary soundly. Yesterday he won Wisconsin by larger than expected margins, too. The pundits are still saying that he has no chance, though, and I guess New York will show us once and for all just who – Sanders or Clinton – has the support of the people.


Mathematically, Sanders is behind. He’ll need to upend Clinton in big states like New York in order to have a chance to win the nomination. New York’s one of the biggest ones coming up, so it’ll be interesting to see. Plus, there will be a debate. An extra one, that wasn’t part of the schedule originally. I really think this one’ll be worth watching. So hope you’re gonna go see it!


As for the uh, class change? Look no more. We also finally found a different meme for Hillary, so, hey, why not. Here it is.



The Republican side? Hoo boy. Where to begin. First of all turns out chibing politicians are harder than it looks. We ended up having to get a little creative to make some folks identifiable. Cruz is easier to draw now when we have, well, folks with less than obvious physical traits.


First, Cruz won a couple of large victories. Utah he managed to get over 50% of the vote, taking all of the delegates. He also won Wisconsin rather handily, and I believe that he has captured most of the delegates there. The current strategy appears to be deny Trump enough delegates so that he cannot get the nomination on the first ballot, and there’s a lot of ugliness going on there. Lots of politicking, as per usual.


I was commenting to my friend the other day. I personally find it ironic that the GOP establishment has finally rallied around Cruz, but if you knew about Wisconsin – itself being a very politically active state and have a horde of GOP elites (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker, GOP chair Reince Priebus) – I’m honestly not surprised at the result. I think the victory was well-deserved given the status of the state and the fact that Trump has been under nonstop attack by both sides of the media for the last few weeks. Cruz was able to appeal to more people in Wisconsin. That’s a fact.

不过啊,我昨天还跟朋友吐槽呢。共和党的大佬们选择挺克鲁斯蛮奇怪的。不过,威斯康星的结果并不奇怪。这地方政治特别活跃,基本上的大佬(几个不同的共和党的大官 – 包括人民代表大会的首席泡软(你们这个起名起的太萌啦),GOP总主席(图里面克鲁斯旁边的金毛),和威斯康星州州长(顶着奶酪帽子的))都是这里面冒出来的。考虑到特朗普这几个星期就不停的被他们以及州内所有媒体攻击,再加上本地优势的话,我感觉克鲁斯赢这个理所当然。我并不感觉有什么作弊或者问题的。

Oh. Speaking of media. Ted Cruz is (was) currently embroiled in a sex scandal and most major news networks are completely glossing over it. A cursory google search using news show that there’s been virtually nothing over the last week.


Hey, look. I was in high school when John Edwards got nuked back in ’08. I remember basically frantically keeping up with the mess for social studies class, and it ended up destroying the man’s candidacy. From what I can see just on my own, this is way bigger than that. Now, I’m not accusing Cruz of anything. I personally have very little interest in the private sex lives of politicians. However, I find it remarkable that major news networks across the spectrum are overwhelmingly choosing to attack Trump rather than choosing to focus their attention on this. Either the media’s all suddenly decided to care about journalistic integrity, or maybe, just maybe, they’re up to something.



Hey, look. Just let me show you something. This is from an Israeli newspaper, and it basically highlights one of the issues where the White House basically censored “Islamic Terrorism” from the words of a foreign leader.


You can see from that article that there are two perspectives. One side believe that it was a “technical error,” the other side believe that, well, it’s censorship in the name of political correctness. If you know anything about video editing or have common sense, I suspect you could probably tell just by watching the thing about which one is more likely to be correct.


But you see the problem with America? We’re entirely polarized at this point. We’ve reached a point of no return, where people are so convinced that their side is right, that people don’t even try to seriously think about the possibilities of the alternative anymore.


Warning: linkstorm coming.


Look, when people are crying trigger warning and complaining that their lives feel threatened because some college students wrote “Trump 2016” on the sidewalk using chalk? We’ve got a problem and it needs to be addressed. When cultural appropriation mean that people are attacked for choosing certain kinds of hairstyles? I think that’s absurd. It’s a problem and it needs to be addressed. When our media arbitrarily censors, changes, blocks, or otherwise just flat-out bombard people with the things that they want people to see, I think that’s a problem and it needs to be addressed.


(稍微解释下我拿出来的例子,各位。大概是这样。美国这边呢,Atlantic和Daily Beast等给我个人感觉是相对偏中评的。RealClearPolitics也是什么都有。上面链接里面的Huffington Post以及Politico还有Washington Post都是左翼媒体,Federalist, National Review, 以及Breitbart是右翼媒体)

“But Morgane,” you say. “These are all from rightwing talk points. These people are horrible and bigoted and evil and racist and intolerant and (insert a lot of words here).”




So what?


I am confident or arrogant enough to believe that I’ve got a brain and I can read and decide for myself what’s “right” and what’s “wrong.” Equating chalking with hate speech, for instance. That’s just dumb. The last time I checked, this is a free country and people are free to support and express what support they’d like. When “tolerant” folks are trying to shut that down, they’re NOT being tolerant.



This isn’t a debatable position here, folks. This isn’t a liberal or a conservative issue. This is an American one. If you believe you have the right to take away someone else’s freedom of expression, I’m going to fight you every step of the way. I’m not going to shut you down. That’s not right. I’m going to say, that’s stupid, and try to tell people my perspective and why I think I’m right and you’re wrong.


I’m not some high-minded philosophy major who have concrete frameworks of thought. I’m just a medical student with an opinion and internet access. I believe that you cannot take away other people’s rights to expression without people in turn taking your rights to expression. If you shut down a Trump rally, for instance, then there is no moral impetus for anyone else to let you hold your rallies in peace.


Either nobody have rights, in which the world would be a pretty miserable place, or everyone have rights. When you make it so that only some people have rights, you are in effect dictating that nobody has rights because at any time you could become the somebody whose rights are taken away.


I don’t want you to lose your rights. I certainly don’t want to lose mine. That is why I support tolerance, which – by definition – is the ability AND willingness to accept something that you yourself disagree with.


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