I’m Iowa!

One thing to note is that I’m not very good at handling short speech yet. I tried my best to not make Iowa sound too stereotypical, but given the short number of lines, there are only a few places I can use vocab to our advantage.

We’ll definitely be working on layout, too, as some of our readers recommended. For now, however, I hope this piece gives a closer look into the ship girl’s personalities. 🙂

Artwork from Luigi!

Looks like great minds think alike! I was talking about this the other day, and before you knew it, Luigi drew it already!

(Yes, some of you might have seen it already, but I feel like the non-English speaking community should see this one too. China and the US fights daily for the #1 visitor spot, and Japan’s a not-too-distant third. 🙂


I want to thank Luigi for all of the art he’s made, but I also want to highlight this hilarious little 4koma that was drawn recently. Yes, Pennsy’s kind of a showoff at times. This piece captured her personality perfectly.

Luigi-dude has a lot of sketches on Pixiv. Though I’m pretty sure he’s got even more art (Pacific or otherwise) floating around on the internet. One day when I figure out how to set up a gallery, I think I’d like to ask for permission for a display. 🙂

【08.29·上海CC16·Q10-11】& 宣传三则

8月29日参加上海#CC16# 摊位号:Q10-11,依旧我们会准备限定特典(企业修订版·立牌)。C88期间,kannnu(英舰本、天子之旅作者)交流后,英舰本ORIONS授权中文版贩售始动。同时幻想航空的作者四骑也正在持续创作新刊,美舰本不出意外将会在9月10号顺利出刊(这么多愿望都实现都一起来我的小心脏要爆炸)




It’s Captain Maury!

Yumi amin (由水アミン) drew a very nice Maury. She’s always been one of the more “heroically” minded of our girls, and I think Yumi did an excellent job capturing her personality. Thank you so much!

Yumi’s tumblr post on Pacific can be found here. Be sure to check out the designs for Hornet (who looks like a knife-throwing ninja), as well as the numerous uniformed sketches of naval officers!

Yumi’s pixiv.

Yumi’s twitter.