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While fairies have been integral in the development of anti-Abyssal equipment, it is important to stress that they are somewhat limited in their ability to comprehend orders, verbal or written. Additionally, in order for STEC to make use of fairy crafted items, particularly those that may have significant application towards conventional or specific anti-Abyssal use, STEC researchers generally goes through a rigorous process where the structural and systematic composition of the fairy-crafted item in question is compared to its real-life counterpart. This often necessitates acquisition of items – sometimes of an unusual nature – from its proper authorities. 

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A message from, well, me.

I know we’ve got folks of every age reading us, but this one is especially to the ones on the younger side. Consider this a message from someone who’s definitely old enough to be your big sister, alright? Teeheh. 

Some of you are going through great changes in daily life, just as the world’s been changing all around you. I know from looking at you and talking with you that some of you are scared and uncertain, fearful of what the future might hold. Some of you are overwhelmed by responsibilities, while some of you are shaken by a lack of purpose. 

I can’t predict the future and tell you exactly how things’ll be tomorrow. But, I can tell you that whatever it may be, whatever challenge that you end up overcoming, it’ll be because of what you did today. The perception of time is one of these rare gifts that we have as humans, where we’re able to internalize our experiences and reflect on them. Treasure what you have now and take pride in what you’ve accomplished. It’s who you are, and in this strange place we call the world? Nobody can replace who you are. You’ve got your place just like I’ve got mine.

Who are you, really? What are you? 

What do you wanna do?

How are you gonna do it?

These are all pretty good questions, right? It’s okay if the answer is “I don’t know.” Sometimes your brain need a well-deserved break.

But if you’ve got things figured out and you wanna go for it? I’ll be cheering you on. What you accomplish, what you create, what you do can be judged by standards set by other people. But the incentive to do all, any, or none of that, and whether or not you do it?

That’s all you, and that’s always going to be up to you. 

Psst, for what it’s worth? I believe in you!