Some organizational updates (II)

We’re still working out the details, but I wanted to leave everyone a note. It’s been a slow process mostly because I think relative to where we were years ago, many of us simply have less time to focus on hobby related stuff. But, it’s still moving along – I think once we iron out the kinks, we’ll be able to show what we’ve been working on (even if it’s right now just a copy of what we have right now).

Yes, we’ve been keeping an eye out on things – including the very hot talk nowadays about AI generated art and writing. I think it’s fascinating that we live in a world today where this is actually possible. What this means for us, for our hobbies, and indeed, our world today? Honestly not sure, but I invite you to take a positive attitude as we face the unknown. 

There’s a lot of uncertainty up ahead, and I don’t know what those might be in your lives. However, know that you have some well-wishers here – scattered all over the globe – in us, and we hope that the coming 2023 will be an even better year than you’ve had in 2022.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!