11-11-1918 ~ 11-11-2018

Hello. Pantera here. Today is a special day.

It is the 100th anniversary of the armistice signed, ending the hostilities of World War I. Of course, you ask, why is a Russian talking about the end of World War I when the Russians left the war early?

Well, it is because I think it is important to remember. Most of my American comrades seem to disregard World War I as this European thing that is the precursor to World War II. While on the surface this might seem true, World War I had much more lasting effects around the world than most people realize. It is in my view perhaps even more important than the Great Patriotic War.

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4 Days until Halloween!

4 More days!

I don’t get it.

What don’t you get about it?

We don’t have such a Holiday in Soviet Union. No need for it. What is purpose of holiday? China doesn’t celebrate it either, right? Why does Chinese artist draw Halloween chibi?

Well, it’s fun! You get to dress up and eat lots and lots of candy! What’s not to like?

Did you want a Halloween chibi? I can ask Hornet to make you a costume really quick. There’s still time!

Thanks, but no need. I already have chibi.

You have your vodka. I have my candy. See? Similar idea 😉

You sure you don’t want a costume? I hear Tasha’s dressing up as that cute soviet bear thing she really likes. She’s says she needs a friend to dress up as a crocodile.

Krokodil Gena?

I see that sparkle in your eyes. I know you want to >:)


Oh! Marby gets to try on her costume? I wanna try mine on too!

I’m a cat. Meow!

It took me ages to get the tail juuust right, but I think it turned out well! I love Halloween because it lets me make and wear all of these cute costumes. Just, no scary stuff for me please!

Yay! I can’t wait for the Halloween party!