Lens of History (46): “Artificial” Intelligence

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Cusk
Format: Speech Transcript & Exhibit Materials
Object: Archival Interviews, Logistics Division (MERLIN)
Location (if known): STEC Archives
Time (if known): Undated – tentatively categorized into pre-war.

In a world with transdimensional giant sea monsters bristling with horrific weaponry and beautiful upstanding super-powered young women, is something like me really so difficult to grasp conceptually?

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A bucket of sugar

Psst, hey, Prisse here breaking the 4th wall. You can roughly gauge how busy Morgane is by whether the regular updates are about the Pacific setting at-large, or if it’s one of these heart-to-heart things with us shipgirls. The latter is really us talking to you directly instead of us talking to each other (and thereby talking to you indirectly). 

Merry Christmas, and may you find rest and solace alone or with family, hard at work or on vacation. We’ll see ya in the next update, this year or the next. 

(waits patiently)

Okay, job’s done. Story time! 

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Thanksgiving 2020

Picture depicted: me.

Also currently exiled from the kitchens: me. 

Time to be helpful! Time to write to the regulars! Yeah!

Aw, cripes, what do I say? It’s like all the good stuff has already been said already. Be thankful! Be independent? Eat lots of good food and be merry? Enjoy your time with family?

Ooh okay I got it! Heheh! Okay. This is Zuikaku, rebel crane of STEC! Since everyone’s out and about today, I thought I’d say something on behalf of everyone. You’ve got plenty of advice about what you should do, but do you ever think about why?

Why be thankful? Why be happy? 

“The best is yet to come, so live your best life!”

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