Lens of History (63): “Waves”

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Jer
Format: Message, Personal Object, Hand-written
Object: Collection, Personal Correspondences of New Jersey, [ID redacted]
Time (if known): [Classified]

Editor’s Note: Should we mention the fact that shipgirls often don’t need to sleep due to, well, us being superhuman and all?

Skip it for this portion – I didn’t pull that many all-nighters, you know! Jer

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Calculated Probability

This specific record is not anything archive-worthy, as it can be found – in summation – in every copy of my operational manual handed out to Avalon’s mortal inhabitants.

However, I think it’s worth repeating on occasions. It would certainly put minds at ease.

I, MERLIN, to put it into colloquial slang, am not a “numbers” kind of “guy.”

There are many of my colleagues that are frustrated by this point. Maybe you happen to be one of them.

I would like to try again to explain to you why I prefer to do this this way.

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Lens of History (62): Lend-Lease & the Abyssal War

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Jer
Format: Speech Transcript & Exhibit Materials
Object: Transcribed speech, [classified] Collection
Location (if known): STEC Archives

Astute readers and news aficionados have no doubt often heard terms like “lend-lease” and “Modern Arsenal of Democracy” raised in the context of the United States. This comparison, while appropriate to an extent, ought to be clarified in light of the war’s conclusion. 

Particularly, in light of recent national survey data, it seems that most of us (9/10 Americans surveyed) appear to have some critical misunderstanding of the specifics involved.

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