Lens of History (27)

STEC Archives, Print Document Division
Curator signature: Jer
Format: Textual Record
Object: Correspondences to Lyndon B. Johnson, from New Jersey; Text transcript of conversation
Location: the White House
Time (if known): September 15th, 1965

NJ: Mr. President, if you’ll permit me for making light of the situation, leaving a paper trail like this and asking advice openly isn’t like you. Furthermore, in light of the situation we have on hand, and STEC’s own operational policy, I am by no means suggesting that this is the only way.

LBJ: Oh, I wish you wouldn’t be so diplomatic.

NJ: Things are different this time around. They may very well be again.

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Silent Service: Pam

So! What do you think?

You know, now that I’m finally here, I think this is actually pretty fun. The first Silent Service post was made close to a year and a half ago, but the actual amount of time spent illustrating varies quite a bit. Five months for a job here, Morgane getting sick for a couple of months there, and if you really think about how much time gets spent, then I think it’s pretty good. When are we getting it printed anyways? Soon, right? I mean, now that 2016 is done-done (I think) and the other stuff we’re handling for our friends are done, we’re –

Pam! Stick to the script.

Hey! I’m just excited, alright? I’ve been alluded to so many times, like, a third of the subgirl profiles mention or alludes to me to some degree. Not like I get hyped or anything – if anything, I’m a little worried that I won’t live up to expectations!

Well, if our residential social recluse can make a positive first impression, I’m sure you could too!

Expectations, Tautog dear. Nobody expects Bats or Sal to be out and about. Me, on the other hand? “Smile!” Gotta be photogenic and all, you know!

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