A Brief Overview on STEC’s Approach to Mental Health


Um, I’m going to preface this by a simple statement. What works for STEC may not work for every organization given STEC’s considerably smaller size relative, to, um, other organizations…

But, it’s my turn to comment on something, and I thought this is a good one to talk about. When everything is going well, well, um, things are well.

What happens if things aren’t?

So, I thought I’d talk about how STEC deals with mental health within our organization.

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Information Control

Hi. I think by now we’ve probably met a few times, so I’ll skip the intro, teehee!

This update probably is gonna only make sense to those of you reading within the next few months, but for archival purposes in the future, I’d like you guys to all think about it in context of major events occurring in your world & your timeline at the moment.

Think about how rapidly you’re obtaining information – verified or unverified.

Think about how people around you are processing the information.

Then, well, think about how quickly that affects you.

Shall we go on?

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