11-11-1918 ~ 11-11-2018

Hello. Pantera here. Today is a special day.

It is the 100th anniversary of the armistice signed, ending the hostilities of World War I. Of course, you ask, why is a Russian talking about the end of World War I when the Russians left the war early?

Well, it is because I think it is important to remember. Most of my American comrades seem to disregard World War I as this European thing that is the precursor to World War II. While on the surface this might seem true, World War I had much more lasting effects around the world than most people realize. It is in my view perhaps even more important than the Great Patriotic War.

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Hi everyone! What do you think of my costume? Shocking, isn’t it? Scary, maybe?

For some people, Halloween is a day where they can eat candy until they explode. For others, Halloween’s a day where you can dress up and do all sorts of crazy outfits. Plus, this is the first art that was directed solely by Zero – Morgane was sick during entire twoish days when they drew me up.

I guess it’s not hard to see what kind of girls he’s really into, ahahaha, right? Just be glad he didn’t try to turn me into Bowsette or something! Ugh. Can I take these things off now? I don’t have piercing normally and the fake earrings are really kinda itchy…

Weren’t you going trick-or-treating?

Nah. Honestly I’m kinda too old for trick-or-treating. I always feel like it’s really more of a thing for like, elementary school girls. I feel like I’m about fifteen, twenty years too old for that, heh. I guess I’m more looking forward to the costume party than anything. Oh, and the handing out part I’m fine with.

What’s your plans for the evening, Iowa?

… Too old for trick or treating, huh…