Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

For a lot of us, it’s been quite the end-of-the-year rush. You know what it’s like! On this side of the ocean, it’s frantic last-minute scrambling to get things done before everyone goes on break. On the other side? It’s the exact same thing because people’ll finally have time for a breather for conventions and books and the like.

For some, Christmas holds a special meaning for its spiritual significance. After all, the word we use, holiday, comes directly from Old English, and it’s kind of exactly what it says on the tin. “Holy” and “day.” In the olden days holidays were days of religious significance. These days, it’s simply special days of rest and recuperation – outside of our social “norms” of the busy workweek.

I’m sure you’ve been busy too! So, whatever you were working on, be it your work or school or your degree, your next title or achievement or special holiday event loot, your latest attempts to get stronger or just trying to get back to better health, now it’s time for some rest.

On behalf of everyone from our little circle, Merry Christmas!

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