Silent Service: Sound and the Underwater Environment

Ahem. Happy 2020 everyone. 

Our first formal update’ll be with the Silent Service series. Today’s title is actually over some questions we had over the submarine’s operating environment. 

Since it’s a space we, um, operate with a lot, we thought it’s worth writing a little about. Today I’ve actually got a pair of girls to talk about this.

The first you’ve met already, I believe.

Though if you want to get technical about it wouldn’t you yourself be a better person to talk about this, Tautog? Historical record not withstanding, your actual record here is pretty much exemplary –

World War II submarines are a whole lotta different than modern submarines, and both are actually pretty wildly different than Abyssals. ‘Sides, I think she’s trying to get folks to “get” to know us better. ‘Suppose one good way to know that is to tell ’em what our reputation ought to be.

Right. Except Trout is nowhere the cold and calculating mistress of war PR’s trying to turn out in preparation for the war and you’re a lot, how do we wanna put it, more meme-y than Tambor.

Hey. I’m fine with whatever role they wanna assign me. If they want me to start popping out beneath beds and scaring kids I can do that too. *laughs*

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A timely travel reminder…

Safe travels everyone.

I thought about what to write – y’know, communicating the holiday spirit and all that, and then decided to settle on something simpler. Hope you, your family, your friends, and the other important people in your lives get to wherever you want to go safely. 

This time period’s always busy for the team, since we’re either finishing up finals or trying to meet deadlines. For Zero, of course, we’ve got conventions to attend (Shanghai, CM, etc), so everyone’s busy – even in countries that don’t officially celebrate Christmas & the assorted winter holidays. 

2019 was a pretty good year for us (real talk, I think 2015 was probably the toughest, but that’s a story for another time :P) as we met and solved challenges, learned about ourselves, and (for me at least) grew incrementally healthier.

In terms of books that we put out, this year’s output was about half of last years owning to many different circumstances I’ve alluded to. Things are looking up, though, and we’ve been diversifying into other projects as well. Hopefully I can unveil those in the near future. 

Hope it was for you too, and we’ll see you all next year!

Silent Service: Hata

Tautog! Do you need some help?

I’m fine. Thanks! Plus, you’re already gonna be helping me tons today. I’m just trying to figure out what’s the best way to organize what we’ve got today.

Um, I think maybe we should tell my story first, and then get into the history stuff. It kind of explains why the NKT acted the way they did. 

But, if on the other hand people generally don’t know about Japanese submarine doctrine, then I think it’ll make sense to explain as we go along.

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